Hiring A Car

Hiring a vehicle is often one of those things many of us are not familiar with. Mackay Car & Truck Rentals look after all types of rental needs, from family holidays to travelling reps and corporate customers. Our experienced staff will clearly explain your and our responsibilities, and put you at ease while going through the hire process which only takes a few minutes. We are a respectable, long-established family business with a 27 year proven track record in customer care.

Vehicle Hire Rates

Our hire rates are not inflated by airport or location fees, our vehicles are still covered by insurance for single vehicle accidents (Some companies don't offer this).

We explain your liability prior to hiring the vehicle to you.

All of our vehicles are hired with a specified free daily kilometre allowance. Charges for excess kilometres vary with the type of vehicle and length of hire. We also offer special weekend or holiday rates, so you can be sure you are getting the most competitive quote available. We accept all credit cards (even AMEX and Diners). Cash rentals are available if you supply credit card security.

Hire Vehicle Damage Excess

Mackay Car & Truck Rentals know that accidents are often a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can provide reduced damage excesses for collision damage or single vehicle accidents. This offer will be explained in detail prior to commencement of hire.

Licensing & Age Requirements

Our insurer will provide cover for persons hiring a vehicle aged 21 to 70 years. For any driver that is aged between 21 and 24 years, there is an additional surcharge in the event the hire vehicle is damaged. Each driver of the car must have held a current driver's licence (excludes probationary) for a minimum of two years that is valid within Australia.